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Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy™ UK is proud to be the first in Europe & the Northern Hemisphere to use Deep Oscillation® as a treatment for horses & has been using the therapy successfully since 2007.


This particular type of therapy was researched for 6 months under the supervision of veterinary surgeon, Matthew Barlow of Home Farm Equine, Nottinghamshire & Emma Hawthorne of Flawborough Equine & Hydrotherapy Centre, Nottinghamshire.  DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy was used on everything from tendon strains to haematomas, post-op surgeries & scar tissue, the results were outstanding.


Horses respond extremely well to this form of therapy, even those that are fearful of clippers have no issue with DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy.  Owners have seen swellings reduce with only one application & even splints have been successfully dispersed.  The therapy has been extremely beneficial in the rehabilitation of tendon injuries with impressive results in a matter of weeks.


Gilliyan was initially approached by Julie Soroczyn at PhysioPod UK, to help treat a local horse with a hind limb dysfunction.  After only a couple of treatments the results were phenomenal.  Since then, after months of trials, DEEP OSCILLATION® is now being regularly offered through Gilliyan at Equi-Therapy™ and as a treatment at Flawborough Equine.


The DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy Unit had been successfully used in the human world for many years and some of the results can been seen on the website, at www.physiopod.co.uk.  


Disclaimer: Equi-Therapy UK will not condone any other form of application for Deep Oscillation on horses other than that listed on the How It Work's page.

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