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Deep Oscillation: How Does It Work...?

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Electrostatic pulses are created using the portable DEEP OSCILLATION UNIT (pictured), which offers pleasant, deeply effective oscillations in the muscle tissue throughout the body.  These electrostatic waves enter at different frequences ranging between 5 to 250 Hz, & are held as pre-programmed settings on a SPORTS chip card.


These pulses have direct trophic-enhancing, muscle-relaxing and local anti-inflammatory effects.  Swellings & oedema are absorbed much more quickly, pain is subdued & wound-healing is stimulated.


The DEEP OSCILLATION 'Personal' comprises of a small battery operated mobile unit - very similar to a large I-pod.  Its blue LED display along with single button operation, guarantees easy program selection & good visual aid.  The 'SPORTS' chip card provides pre-programmed settings with detailed illustrations on how the treatment should be applied.


Your therapist will be connected to the unit via an ECG electrode, attached directly to their skin which enables the therapy to be transferred.  Vinyl gloves are used as a medium to ensure that maximum therapy transfer is maintained throughout the treatment.  


Disclaimer: Equi-Therapy UK will not condone any other form of application on horses other than the conventional method listed above.

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