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Unlike other externally applied, mechanical forms of vibration massage therapy, the therapeutic effects of DEEP OSCILLATION®  take place deep in the tissue layers to a depth of 8cm.  


DEEP OSCILLATION ® is known for its rapid muscle-relaxing & pain-relieving effects & for its direct effect against mircotrauma (muscle aches).  As this treatment is especially gentle it makes for an unmatched alternative for fresh trauma, postoperative, acute pain & for open wounds (sterile medium required).


With DEEP OSCILLATION ® swellings & oedemas can be relieved pre & postoperatively considerably faster than with other conventional therapies.  It can be used at an extremely early stage where healing processess are stimulated and accelerated, local inflammation is inhibited and pain is reduced over a sustained period.


This form of therapy can be used freely on equines, canines & humans alike.  As DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy is non-invasive, even the most clipper phobic horse with accept this form of treatment, guaranteed!

Introducing Deep Oscillation Therapy

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